Country Story Facebook Game – Three Important Tips You Need to Know

Want to know how and master the most important things to improve your Country Story game.
Well you will need to focus on these three key tips to succeed.- Quests to earn coins
- How to get neighbors
- Importance of picking up sticks and stoneStarting your Country Story game the right wayWhen you are first starting out in Country Story, it can be difficult to figure out where your priorities should be. There are, quite simply, many things to keep track of.The mayor and some of the other permanent residents will give you some basic instruction, but you will still have to be doing a lot of the exploring of your new village on your own. You will also have to stay on top of the growth cycles of your crops, their watering needs, and the general development of your farm (and your bank account).There is, of course, no real right and wrong way to play the game. It is your farm and you get to decide how to arrange it, what to plant, and how you want to spend your time. You may at first be content to work on your farm on your own and develop a solid understanding of the way the game works.Moving on up in Country StoryAfter you have the basics under your belt, though, you will likely want to branch out a little – especially if you want to be able to build up your farm and increase your overall options in the game.When you get to this point though there are a few things you should keep in mind that will have a great impact on your ultimate success.Focus on Quests To Get Those Coins Rolling InYou will certainly want to be earning coins every way you can when you first start playing Country Story, and it may seem natural to focus on planting and harvesting crops as your main source of income. This is certainly an area of game play that you never want to neglect, but early on in the game it will not be your best or most efficient source of income.If you really want to make coins fast in Country Story, it is a good idea to focus on completing as many quests as you can right from the beginning. Not only will you earn coins more quickly than you would by simply raising crops and harvesting them (which you will be doing anyway), but you will also have the opportunity to earn useful bonus items as well.Get a Lot of NeighborsThe importance of having many neighbors if you want to be successful in Country Story can not be overstated.The more neighbors you have, the more successful you will be – it is that simple. Your neighbors can take care of your crops while you are away, they send you gifts, and you can even steal from them to get more crops to sell at the market.Grab Up the Sticks and StonesIt may seem silly at first, but sticks and stones are very valuable commodities in Country Story. You can collect a few every day from each of your neighbors’ farms, and you would be wise to make this a priority.
It takes very little time or effort to stop by each of your neighbors’ farms, and you will benefit greatly by stocking up on these valuable building supplies.

Win The Lottery – 3 Tips To Win The Lottery

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